The Christchurch to Little River Rail Trail is a cycleway and walkway between Christchurch and Little River.  From Hornby to Little River the route follows much of the Little River Branch railway line which operated from 1875 until 1967 providing a vital means for farmers to get stock and produce to market. The trail passes through rural areas and settlements on the Canterbury Plains, skirts past the massive flanks of the ancient volcanoes which make up Banks Peninsula, and hugs the shoreline of a vast lagoon, Te Waihora or Lake Ellesmere, and its smaller twin, Te Roto o Wairewa or Lake Forsyth. The lakes and associated rivers and wetlands are rich in wildlife and natural vegetation.

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The Trustees have created a map of the trail using Google Maps. The trail from Cathedral Square to Little River has been outlined with the alternative City Sights route and a connection from Christchurch International Airport.

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Christchurch to little river rail trail trust

The Christchruch to Little River Rail Trail Trust is a registered charity,formed in 2004 with the primary purpose being to promote, plan, fund, develop and establish a functional and high quality interconnected network of trails for walking, hiking, cycling, mountain biking and any non-motorised recreational activities covering the area from Hornby to Little River. Information on the Trust's goals to develop the trust can be found on the "About Us" tab.

The Trust is consists of a small group of dedicated volunteers who see endless opportunities to further develop and promote the trail. If you would like to get involved please contact us.  If you don't reside in the Christchurch/Selwyn area your donation would be greatly appreciated to assist with further deveopment and promotion of this wonderful recreational facility.